Introducing Blinkitten badge!

The customizable blinky kitten badge made with ❤️ by MysteryHack for Hack-én 1st edition.

Getting a Blinkitten Badge

To get your hands on a Blinkitten badge you can either attend @deantonious's workshop "#badgelife culture and hardware hacking" or simply look for him around the conference (might be wearing a Dipper Pines cap) during Hack-én.

Assembly Instructions

Final released Badge

Follow these steps to solder your #blinkitten badge:
  1. Solder the battery holder. Pay special attention to the + and - icons on the silkscreen and the battery holder!
  2. Solder the switch making sure it's well fit on the PCB holes.
  3. Bridge the optional resistor pads (not needed for the used LEDs).
  4. Solder the left LED making sure the long leg (anode / +) is soldered to the longger pad and the short leg (cathode / -) is soldered to the short pad.
  5. Solder the right LED as you did with the left one.
  6. Bend the legs to hidde them both behind the cat ears.

Hack-én Distributed Badge

We had a small error when sending the files to the factory, but the badge is fully functional. If you want to use the ON/OFF switch (instead of having an always ON badge), it can be easily done following these steps:
  1. Use a hobby knife or cutter to cut the miss-connected route.
  2. Solder the included cable to the battery holder pad and the top pad of the optional resistor.