Hi, we're MysteryHack

We develop tools and projects focused on the cybersecurity field.

Badge Team

Check out our badges, developed by our badge team: @spacehuhn, @13r1ckz, @killergeek and @deantonious


Some projects developed by our members.

Meet our team

We are an international collective of engineers, makers and security researchers with lots of different skills sets and experience on questions regarding security.


26/2023 - 37th Chaos Communication Congress (#37C3)

Our badge team will be around congress.

05/2023 - Hack-én Congress in Jaén, Spain

@deantonious will be around with our Blinkitten badge! Check out his "#badgelife and Hardware Hacking" workshop. Hack-én website.

12/2019 - 36th Chaos Communication Congress (#36C3)

We'll organize a multiplayer game featuring 350 Bill Badges, a few games for the public like a Wifi Fox Hunt and ChickenManGame and give some security awareness information about WiFi being weaponized.

Links and Information

General links and information related with our assembly projects, activities and workshops:

Assembly Calendar

Date Time Activity Location Description
Thursday 26/12/2019 20:00 Arrival - Assembly setup and poster spreading around the halls
27/12/2019 17:30 Workshop Hardware Hacking Area "Meet and solder the Bill Badge" workshop
29/12/2019 16:00 Meetup Labitat Assembly Badgelife Meetup
30/12/2019 15:00 Meetup MysteryHack Assembly Bill Badge Meetup

08/2019 - Chaos Communication Camp 2019 (#CCCamp19)

Some random projects were displayed. Not everyone had the availavility to attend the event.

12/2018 - 35th Chaos Communication Congress (#35C3)

Introduced the Penguicorn badge and the WifiSatellite v2 as the InnSecure Assembly. Seytonic made a vlog!

12/2017 - 34th Chaos Communication Congress (#34C3)

Attended to our first conference and brought the WifiSatellite v1 with us! Seytonic made a few vlogs: Hacker Conference | 34C3 Day 0, WiFi Satellite Logs All Your Data!! | 34C3 day 1, Investigating A Suspicious USB Drive | 34C3 day 2